Samsung Epic 4G Spy

Samsung Epic 4G Spy Software Now Available

We are all familiar with mobile spying software that works on iPhones, Blackberry and Android but how many of us have heard about Samsung epic 4g spy software? The answer is very few of us, but we still wished to get the spying software that works on Samsung Epic 4g the reason behind is the popularity and a huge number of users of Samsung mobile phones.

The Samsung epic 4g spy software has some dynamic features that are useful for spying on a cheating spouse. Below is the detailed overview of the Samsung epic 4g spy software functions.


• Spy Phone- With the help of Samsung epic 4g spy software you can completely transform the epic 4g into a Samsung spy phone.

• Track GPS- It enables you to track the Samsung Epic 4g whenever you want to know the location of the user with the help of Samsung Epic 4g tracking software.

• Web History- The Samsung epic 4g spy software can be used to spy on all the internet browsing activity of the user, and it also lets you read the detailed emails that are sent and received from the epic 4g. It is much more that you can do with this Samsung epic 4g spy software such as you can view the pictures and videos stored in the browsing history of the epic 4g.view it from

• Text Messages Spy- We normally don’t recommend using this feature as it is unethical to read text messages sent and received from someone else’s phone but who cares when it comes to detecting the cheating spouse hence you can also use this software as text messages spy.

• LIVE Listening to Surroundings- You can listen to the communications going on in the surrounding of the epic 4g by just making a spy call.

• Call History- It is very easy to view the history of dialed and received calls from the epic 4g with Samsung epic 4g spy software. This feature is very helpful in finding out the suspicious number that you are looking for by viewing the duration and number of calls made to/from the user.

Samsung Epic 4G Spy

• Contacts Details- This spying software lets you read all the contacts saved in the memory of Samsung Epic 4g.

• Spy Call- This unique Samsung epic 4g spy software helps you spy on the conversation going on between the user and the person on the other end.get more info from here.

The Samsung Epic 4g spying software is so powerful that it will become impossible for the cheating spouse to deceive you anymore.

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