Five Free, Unbelievable Ways to Spy on Text Messages and Never Get Caught.

These days many activities among people are planned through texting. Robbers, thieves and cheating spouses are more likely to communicate through text messages. Even teenagers who engage in immoral activities always communicate through texting. Therefore, to some people, it is important to spy on text messages to get the sensitive information they require. It may be parents who are suspicious of their children’s’ behavior, employers who discover mischievous activities among their employees, policemen in their investigations or spouses who suspect that the other may be cheating on them.

Ways to spy on text messages.

There are several applications which are designed to help in spying text messages. The applications included here do not have any charges. They are absolutely free. Most of the applications work in an almost similar way with some minor differences. Therefore, you are allowed to choose one which best fits you. They include:

  • GuestSpy

This is a great application to spy on text messages. The great thing about it is that the application can be hidden on someone’s phone. All you have to do is find the hide button in the app’s configuration after installing it on the phone you are spying. After that, you can get all messages, the sender, recipient, contents, and date sent of a message without physically having someone’s phone.

  • MxSpy

With this application, you can retrieve every message on someone’s phone. Even the deleted messages. After installing the app, you get all information from the phone and store it on your account created at my. Then you can view all messages from your account.

  • DDI Utilities

This is a software that enables you to spy on text messages without having the target phone. It is rare software and is absolutely free. No monthly or yearly charges.

  • Key logger applications

A key logger application takes note of everything that goes on in a phone when the keyboard is pressed. This ability assists when spying for text messages especially when you are using a computer or a laptop. There are many key logger applications to help in spying text messages. However not all available on the internet are good to use. The best one to use is called PC Tattletale. After the application has been installed in the target phone, logs of messages typed are sent to a dedicated server where they can be viewed by someone else.

  • ikeyMonitor

This is an application designed to spy text messages for iPhone. It stores all messages in addition to online browsing history. The application is installed on the target phone and the phone connected to an online account. From that you can view the text messages of the target person whether a spouse or child.

It is unbelievably easy to spy on text messages with the current technology. This has made cell phones be less private as they used to be some years ago. Parents can now be able to monitor the activities of their children, criminals are caught easily and also cheating spouses are caught easily.

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