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As parents we have a responsibility to keep our kids as safe as possible from the outside world and especially from themselves. I remember as a teen in the early 90′s that if you had a beeper it was a big deal. Parents started buying beepers to keep track of where their kids were at all times and could get a hold of them much easier.

The best spy monitoring software was not even a thought back then.
The problem was that when you were paged, you would have to stop to find a payphone and if you were on the highway stuck in traffic, it could be pretty frustrating. Even better when you finally found the pay phone, it did not work properly because it had either been trashed by the guy arguing with his girlfriend or the local punk kids thought they could get to the coins inside.

A few years later the internet came along and let me tell you it was great. I mean here I am sitting down in front of this 12-inch screen and can talk with people all over the world. I must have spent 8 or more hours a day in front of the computer. The problem was that parents had no idea about the dangers of the internet.

Chat rooms were the main thing back then, and it never crossed your mind that the kid you were talking to could have been a child predator. You would talk about everything as I am home alone now, and my parents went out for the night. You would give out all kinds of information to people you just met online.

It was not until I saw a news story about a girl who had met a person online who said he was 15 years old and had invited him over to her house one night when her dad was not home. When her father came home, he found every parent’s worst nightmare. This guy had murdered his daughter.

Spy Monitoring

When they checked her computer, the found the messages between the two of them. They caught the guy who turned out to be in his late 40′s and had a criminal record, but not everyone is so lucky. This is a real problem especially today because these child predators are getting smarter and have to be ready with the best spy monitoring software.visit http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tech/news/a673486/microsoft-will-control-windows-10-mobiles-rollout.html today!

Today kids have access to the internet on their cell phones, and this is an important reason you should have installed the best spy monitoring software. You will be able to see what your kids are up to 24/7 and make sure your kids are not hanging out with the wrong crowd, are not selling drugs, using drugs or even worse.

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